Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Program

EagleRidge High School (EHS), Klamath Community College, and the SOJATC in partnership with Klamath Basin construction industry have collaborated to establish a workforce readiness youth pre-apprenticeship program.  This first high school pre-apprenticeship program addresses urgent, high demand, high skill, high-wage employment needs of both regional construction industry partners and Klamath students. The EHS Pre-Apprenticeship program, in cooperation with Oregon Department of Education (ODE) approved high school Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs of Study, will prepare high school students for post-secondary transition to registered apprenticeships, direct employment in skilled trades, college enrollment and/or entrance into the military. EHS is determined to support the diverse interests of its students and effectively prepare them for post-secondary employment, training and/or college entrance, this is clearly defined in the student handbook and modeled each day at the school.  Through the Construction Trades program, EHS will work with industry partners to connect interested students to local registered apprenticeship programs for work-based learning including work-based learning, industry interviews and internships. As a result, EHS will actively support the emerging career interests of students, the (high) demand, high skilled, high wage employment needs of local industry, and the long-term workforce sustainability within the Klamath Basin.